CCYHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing boys and girls throughout Connecticut with the opportunity to learn and play the game of hockey

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  • Players will be evaluated by a group of no less than 3 evaluators with extensive hockey backgrounds. At least two of the evaluators will be from outside the organization. Coaches/parents will not have any input on the evaluations.
  • Each age group will have one  CCYHA Board Member overseeing that groups evaluators and placements. That CCYHA Board Member will not have a child in that age group and will be the only person allowed in the evaluation room.
  • Players will be split into groups and attend three tryout sessions. Players must attend the tryout times assigned to them. Mites will tryout as one group, Squirts through Bantams will be split up A-L and M-Z for the first tryout (no switching times allowed). Players will be given a pullover with a number to wear for each tryout. After the first tryout, Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam players will be split into 2 groups (not alphabetically) and must come to the tryout time they are assigned to. The list will be found on the web site  under the tryouts tab for each age division after each tryout. Each player must attend at least 2 tryouts sessions to be eligible for placement.
  • All Teams and Coaches will be picked soon after the conclusion of the final tryout and teams will be posted on the CCYHA website no later than April 15th.
  • After the players are placed on their respective teams, we will have an open house at the Newington Arena on April 24th from 9AM – 1PM to do uniform fittings (for those players that need uniforms).
  • Waiting list – Our goal at CCYHA is to keep the numbers on our teams manageable for maximum player development throughout the season. If a division reaches their limit for teams and a non CCYHA player has not been placed, that player will be put on a waiting list. If a returning Central player does not commit and pay their commitment fee on time, the player on the waiting list will be contacted to fill that position.
  • Please refrain from any contact or attempts to engage in any type of conversations with the evaluation committee and coaches during the tryout process. The committee is there to provide a service to our program and their objective is to pick the teams based on skill levels, performance, and past evaluations.
  • The evaluation process consists of the following:
    • 6 independent evaluators first ranking the players into two groups after the first tryout session, then ranking the players during the final two tryout sessions and place them on teams.
    • One CCYHA Board Member will oversee each age group. That Board Member will not have a child in that age group.
    • Upon completion of the on ice tryout process, our 3 evaluators and Board Member overseeing that age group will review the evaluators placements and will consult the players evaluations done by the previous seasons coaches to look for any inconsistencies in placement.