Off-Season Goaltending Training

The off season is an opportunity for goaltenders to put in extra work to improve

their skills for the upcoming season. If a goalie wants to put some extra work in

there are a series of topics & drills that they can do to improve. The drills within

each topic are designed to last approximately 15 minutes, and multiple drill

options within each topic. This should help break up the monotony of training &

put the goalie in control of the topics they cover & how they cover them. Goalies

should set a reasonable training goal relative to their age & interest in the sport.

For example, squirt & peewees age players can hit three topics per week,

conversely older goalies can try to hit all topics within a week, or more if they so

chose. Below is a chart goalies can follow to track their progress as well as off season drills and videos. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to CCYHA Goaltending Director Matt Allatin -

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